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    What is Interpersonal Therapy?

    Interpersonal Therapy (IPT) draws from attachment theory to inform a therapeutic intervention that focuses on enhancing interactional relationship quality as a way of improving mental health symptoms. This approach is premised by an understanding that many mental health issues stem from relational deficits or role conflicts.

    It therefore takes a collaborative approach to exploring the interpersonal events of your current life for the purpose of building relational skills where required. It is for this reason that IPT is often referred to as having a “here-and-now” focus (Markowitz et al., 1998).


    IPT emphasises:

    • a focus on relationships, communication skills, and life situations
    • a strong therapeutic alliance with the therapist
    • frameworks that prioritise attachment and human relationships in particular attachment theory and emotionally focused therapy.

    It looks at how relationship difficulties contribute to symptoms and is one of the most widely used therapies in mental health treatments.

    What conditions can benefit from IPT?

    Research points to IPT’s effectiveness in improving the symptoms of many mental health conditions “so that you are better able to manage the stresses of life, realize your abilities, learn and work well with self and others and contribute to your community. World Health Organization (WHO)Trusted Source. In particular, it is identified as having high efficacy in the treatment of depression, grief and anxiety and is utilised in many other mental health presentations at the mild to moderate level of severity for its benefits in cultivating communication and interpersonal effectiveness skills.

    Goals of IPT

    Proponents of IPT argue that mood and life situations pertaining to relationships are closely related and that by improving the quality of our relationships, our mental health improves.

    Where relationship difficulties and conflict has been assessed as a major contributor to the presenting mental health issues, the main goal of IPT becomes the improvement of relationship skills including emotional regulation. A range of environmentally focused interventions may also be developed as a way of building inter-relational connections and practicing new coping techniques.

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