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Online Therapy

Making Access to Psychological Support even Easier with Online Therapy

Mind Wellness Therapy offers counselling support via video or phone.

Your Telehealth appointments provide you with increased flexibility in accessing emotional and psychological support from a professional therapist. This option remains rebatable through Medicare’s mental health treatment plans (MHTP).

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Why Consider Online Counselling?

  • You prefer the confidentiality and privacy of secure online services
  • You work long hours or shift work and can’t find a convenient time for a face-to-face appointment.
  • Your anxiety prevents you from leaving your home or visiting a psychologist’s physical office is particularly daunting.
  • You have difficulty with transport or mobility
  • You live in a remote location and don’t have a psychologist’s practice within easy reach

Online Therapy is not for Everyone

Please note, online therapy is generally not suitable for anyone under the age of 18 or anyone experiencing thoughts of suicide. If you need to talk to someone immediately please call Emergency Services on 000 or Lifeline on 13 11 14

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Is Online Counselling Effective?

The efficacy of online therapy has been the subject of much scrutiny over the last few years. Research using meta-analysis suggests that the delivery of telehealth psychological services appears to be effective across client populations and for diverse mental health challenges. It also indicates that people are likely to feel less inhibited when using online psychology services.

Accessing online therapy has been found to be appropriate for many common psychological concerns, including depression, anxiety, panic, phobias, trauma, sleep difficulties, weight concerns, worry or stress, managing pain, intimacy or sexual problems, anger and adjusting to life changes.

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Online psychology has many similarities with face-to-face services.

  • You will always interact with the same therapist who not only has years of experience in offering face-to-face consultations, but is also specifically trained in providing online therapy
  • Your privacy and confidentiality continues to be respected as only encrypted software developed for online consultations is used.
  • Just as in face-to-face work, evidence based theoretical frameworks are utilised.

The main difference is that you and your therapist will be in different locations. You may be anywhere in Australia, whereas your therapist will be responding from consulting rooms in Brisbane.

How Does Online Psychology Work?

There are practical considerations when it comes to digital technology for therapy. You will need a secure and reliable internet connection, a computer, some computer literacy, and enough personal space and privacy at home or another location to ensure you have a safe and confidential environment for an online or telephone session.

You will be offered a choice between secure video or phone consultations. Secure video sessions enable you to see and hear who you are speaking to, just as you would in a traditional face to face session.

If you prefer a phone appointment a scheduled consultation will be organised for you wherever you are in Australia. Phone and video sessions are normally 50-60 minutes in length but this is flexible and can be arranged to fit into your schedule.

During your initial consultations, your treating therapist will explore what has brought you to seek help by asking you routine detailed questions. This is to identify your therapeutic goals and to assess how to best assist you. Once assessment is completed and a plan for therapy identified, subsequent sessions will focus on addressing your treatment goals.

Online psychology services, as with face-to-face therapy, is largely a conversation-style form of psychotherapy using a range of therapeutic approaches (e.g. cognitive-behavioural, mindfulness, systemic, EMDR).

Just as in face-to-face consultations, the online therapeutic relationship develops with time and effort and offers the opportunity to develop a sense of connection, trust and felt-safety.


Areas of Expertise

Mind Wellness Therapy offers a safe environment and extensive experience across a range of presentations to help explore our psychological issues and shape a rich, meaningful life.

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