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We are open and offering face to face, phone or video appointments to ensure we continue to be able to support you.

Mind Wellness Therapy

Mindfulness skills and Psychology practices to support your Best Life.

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Being human means that sometimes challenging life experiences overwhelm our usual coping abilities

Breaking away from our habitual ways of looking at things, learning new ways and responding differently takes courage. Professional support can get us back on our feet, reconnected with our goals and flourishing.

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Skills, techniques and support for Resilient Living.

Applying the most up to date psychology practices, Mind Wellness Therapy offers a safe and supportive space where, even in the presence of our most significant challenges, we are able to shape a life that is rich, meaningful and worth living.

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Areas of Expertise

Within a supportive professional relationship, you will be treated with warmth and respect. You come to this work with your capacity, skills, knowledge and potential to find solutions to your own challenges. Mind Wellness Therapy works collaboratively with you to bring expertise in mobilising your resources and building your skills to support your ability to reach the goals you set for yourself. All psychological treatments draw on a wide range of evidence based therapeutic frameworks and are tailored to your individual needs to support your ability to thrive.

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Counselling is available face to face or via Telehealth consultations.

Mind Wellness Therapy offers therapeutic support via video or phone. Your Telehealth appointment provides you with increased flexibility in accessing emotional and psychological support from a professional therapist. For a limited period of time and as a result of the pandemic, this option remains covered by Medicare’s mental health care plans (MHCP).

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You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.

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Mental Wellbeing Support through COVID

How do we manage the uncertainty and worry that arises out of the COVID pandemic?

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Building your skills and learning more adaptive ways to manage life’s challenges is an investment in you and your relationships.